Sunday, April 20, 2014

been awhile....

Been awhile since I have done any kind of update.
Feel like i will be repeating myself , though I do have a couple reviews that I want to post and small updates to make.

Am sitting in Dubai after a whirl wind tour of Bangladesh and India.

Kind of last minute trip.
So last minute, I received my passport back from getting required Visa's on Mar 28th , the morning of my flight to Bangladesh.
Cutting it close was not the word for that one.

Saying that if you are looking at applying for a VISA to travel anywhere , check out VisaHQ , these guys were awesome at managing the whole experience, and even let me apply for two VISAs required in one easy step, saved me a few bucks and best of all monitored my passport as it moved around.

Will do something more unsubstantial as the mood strikes me.
Right now need some rest and relaxation , this was a real ball breaker of a trip !!

Stopped at Mall of the Emirates to have a Venti Americano and some food.

You know your in Dubai when ......
You see Maserati and Ferrari at the Mall !!
and lets not forget the Bentley that pulled in as I was leaving
quick snaps with ipad


Friday, September 27, 2013

India all done - headed home

Two weeks in India , quickly passed.

I think I have the words Maruti Suzuki (very popular small cars in India) firmly imprinted on my butt.
Couple of 10 hour drives into the back roads of India will do that to you !!

Will write some more once am rested  and relaxed.
I spent a lot of sleepless nights this trip, waking up early, way to early.
And Indian food does get to me after awhile, as much as i enjoy some of the flavors and tastes, the style does not cooperate.
My stomach has been in constant state of turmoil since landing haha (but not sick)

Did have one free day in Delhi and managed a small adventure.

Have managed to conquer 2 of the 7 wonders of the world. Go figure
If you had asked me a few years ago, if I would ever see these places would have said no, yet here I was


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Waiting for flight once again !

Sitting in Dubai Airport

Its 8pm local time or 12pm at home.

next flight at 22:30
then 8hrs in Mumbai
then another flight at 14:00 to Ahmadabad, India

and of course little sleep while flying


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hard to leave here

Have been blogging here for just over 3 years
Some times more than others, I leave come back , startup , go away

Guess depends if I have something to say

as of today August 7th , 2013 I have had over 20,000 views
hard to say I will move this over to my web page.
The content is all there

find me at


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Folks, friends, followers....

Will be moving this blog over to my website in the next week or so.
Next update will be form there with a blast of pics from last few months.

Here are a handful

Ending Tyranny at The Brunswick Tavern, courtesy of Almighty Promotions

Make Haste To Mutiny - Brunswick Tavern courtesy of Almighty Promotions

Doghouse Rose at London Music Club

Northlane (from Australia) at Rum Runners, London Music Hall shot for VR Magazine

Sweet Leaf Garrett at Eastsides , shot for Local Live 

And for something completely different ,

Garden Club of London at Springbank Park Greenhouses

 ok thats it for now - next update from new blog setup


Friday, April 26, 2013

Run down of my weekends !!

Yes I have ben lax at updating this Blog .

new website being built so am keeping posts here to a minimum.

But to help explain the lack of typing , I did a count of groups I have shot in the last few months :

Tortured Saint
Devine Right of Kings
Make Haste To Mutiny
Transcend The Skies
Wind Cries Mary
Between Breathing
Through These Words
Great White Shark
Party Cat
Violent Decline
Geoff Masse Band
Tommy Solo
Dennis Pederson
Sound As People
The Wrecks
Dave's Not Here
Walls of This Chamber
Door to Door Human Gore
Ending Tyranny

And of course the guys that started it all for me : Hurtin Merv

April 11th I took my first "Pro" shots for YES at Massey Hall, Toronto. to be posted once cleared by my editor at

And last night my first local show , with I Mother Earth at the London  Concert Theatre

more updates to come, pics of course and other news.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Ok some updates and still lots to say

Sorry folks I have been a blur of activity lately.

But just to give you some idea of whats kept me from updating.

First up , got connected to Velvet Rope Magazine as a photogrpaher , for London and area. though have access to shows in Toronto also.
Got to shoot my first big show , YES at Massey Hall. Sorry no pics yet until released back to me ( I have ownership)

Then found out about Local Live Entertainment here in London, a great place offering a complete host of services to the music sector. Live rehearsal space, digital recording studio,  Live Streaming to web and everything else that any musician would want. Pics to come. Am now Photographer for them and helping design their future.

And learning about video.

All of this has kept me busy most weekends.
Happy to get to work on Monday so I can rest and relax.

Lots of pics to post , so be patient they are coming